Pier Fishing FAQ

Booked your lesson you wonder what's next? Here is a simple FAQ so you know what to expect


1. Meeting Point and Timing:

  • Bedok Jetty Pier (Nearest Car Park - either East Coast Park Carpark E2 or East Coast Park Carpark F2) 
  • Map Location Here
  • Meet 5 minutes before the lesson start time (which has been arranged with you earlier). 
  • Call the guide once you reach the jetty and we will tell you which point to meet. 

2. Attire

  • Hat/Cap/Headgear 
  • Sandals/Slippers
  • Neck Buff and Sunglasses (Optional) 
  • **For Nov-Dec period, its a good idea to bring raincoats/windbreakers in case it suddenly rains. Also, keep your valuables in dry bags (or with our guide)

3. What else to bring

  • Water (minimally 0.5-1L per person - depending on body weight)
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50 and above)
  • Small bucket (Optional but highly popular with kids - to observe the small fishes caught) 
  • Bag to keep your belongings

Leave the rest of the items to us: We will provide the rods, reels, pliers, scissors, rigs, sinkers, bait. 

4. What to expect

  • We will kick off the lesson by introducing the basic setup, we will then show you how to properly hold the rod/reel, put the baits on and do basic fishing from shore. 
  • All non-juvenile fishes may be brought home to enjoy. We try to release the juveniles and the breeding female fishes to conserve the environment. 
  • In the event of inclement weather, the guide will assess the situation and can either take shelter at the jetty shelters. 

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