Top 3 health benefits of kayak fishing in Singapore

Top 3 health benefits of kayak fishing in Singapore

Is kayak fishing just staying in one spot and waiting for hours? If you thought so you're so wrong! Kayak fishing is a mix of patience and activity, it is a combination of active searching for the fish as well as knowing when to wait and play the game. Here are top three health benefits of kayak fishing in Singapore.

  1. Clock in your steps! If running and sprinting is too intense for you why not take steps instead? That is exactly how our Hobie Leg Powered Kayaks operate. With state of the art Mirage Drive systems, imagine a steps machine helping your kayak to move forward against the waves and currents. It is exactly like riding and bike and effortless! At the same time when the winds and currents are against you it can be a solid workout for your legs and your lower back muscles. 
  2. Improve your dexterity! If you are sitting behind the tandem kayak or on a single by yourself, you will need to be dexterous, knowing when to turn the kayak or shift position - while at the same time handling all your fishing gear and bait! It trains your hands and feet to be quicker literally! which is great for team sports and non contact sports.
  3. Boost your strength! If you're going unguided or renting a fishing kayak, or even using your own kayak, you will definitely lift your kayak a few times a day - to drain the water, to wash the kayak, put it back on the racks and roll it (via trolley) up to shore. This requires a certain degree of strength and trains your full body (arms, backs and legs!!) Even the fish are heavy!!! (see below)
    Girl catches many fish, kayak fishing with purehybridz


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