Boat Fishing FAQ

Booked your lesson you wonder what's next? Here is a simple FAQ so you know what to expect

Boat Facilities: 

Boat comes fully furnished with toilet, rod holders, seating areas, sheltered areas, ice boxes (to keep refreshments and fish)

1. Meeting Point and Timing:

  • Marina Country Club (11 Northshore Dr, Singapore 828670)
  • Map Location Here
  • Be there at 845am at the lobby and we will escort you into the pier, the tour will start at 9am and end at 6pm. 

2. Attire

  • Long Sleeved Shirt (UV protective wear recommended) and shorts. 
  • Hat/Cap/Headgear 
  • Sandals/Slippers 
  • Neck Buff and Sunglasses (Optional) 
  • **For Nov-Dec period, its a good idea to bring raincoats/windbreakers in case it suddenly rains during the tour. Also, keep your valuables in dry bags (or with our guide)
  • For people prone to seasickness do take a pill of novomin minimally 30mins before the tour starts. Novomin may be purchased at any local pharmacy. (Optional)

3. What else to bring

  • Packed Lunch (Light snacks, sandwiches, salads are recommended)
  • Water (minimally 1.5-3L per person - depending on body weight)
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50 and above)
  • Drybag/Bag to keep your belongings
  • Change of clothes (Optional)
  • Icebox (Optional) 

Leave the rest of the items to us: We will provide not only the boat, but the live vests, landing nets, the rods, reels, rigs, sinkers, live bait, ice and keepnet/live-well for live bait. 

4. What to expect

  • We will kick off the tour with a safety briefing by the guide/captain. 
  • This will then be followed up by equipment orientation (for the the fishing equipment) 
  • Route: Boat captain will be taking us to various well known fishing spots in the north eastern waters. The route is not fixed but rest assured we will be following where the fish go! Along the way, your guide will be orientating you on the equipment, assisting you to land the fish and to de-hook, disentangle and get you out of tight snags. He will also teach you basic bottom fishing from a boat.  
  • Lunch Break will be around 1130-1230pm - you may enjoy your lunch from the comfort of our boat.  
  • Tour will end at 6pm, after which you may wash up at the facilities nearby. All non-juvenile fishes may be brought home to enjoy. We try to release the juveniles and the breeding female fishes to conserve the environment. 
  • In the event of inclement weather, the captain will assess the situation and can either take shelter at sheltered bays.
  • In case of man-overboard or injury, the guide/captain will perform the rescue and perform basic first aid - also, depending on the severity of injuries the guide has every right to halt the tour (including fishing) temporarily and resume the activity once the situation/incident has resolved and all participants are safe. We have had 0 man-overboard and 0 fatal incidents to date, lets keep it that way! 

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