Kayak Fishing Rental FAQ

Booked your rental and you wonder what's next? Here is a simple FAQ so you know what to expect


1. Meeting Point and Timing:

  • Pasir Ris Kokomo Beach Club (Nearest Carpark at Pasir Ris Park Carpark E, Free parking only at Pasir Ris Park Carpark F) 
  • Map Location Here
  • Be there at 745am for the safety briefing, we will launch at 8am sharp and you may use the kayak until 4pm (**please be at the shore by 4pm sharp or earlier, for any extension, it needs to be planned and booked in advance otherwise there will be a penalty charge of up to $25/kayak/hour for unplanned extension of kayaks)
  • For group bookings, please leave contact numbers for everyone in your group for us so we can contact you in any emergency.
  • Also call us when you are 30-45mins away from shore -> so we may prepare to retrieve the kayak and assist in landing you. 

2. Recommended Attire

  • Long Sleeved Shirt (UV protective wear recommended) and UV leggings or long sleeved pants (waterproof)
  • Hat/Cap/Headgear 
  • Sandals/Slippers/Water Shoes
  • Neck Buff and Sunglasses (Optional) 
  • **For Nov-Dec period, its a good idea to bring raincoats/windbreakers in case it suddenly rains during the tour. Also, keep your valuables in dry bags (or with our guide)

3. What else to bring

  • Fishing Rods and Reels (For tandem kayak, can hold up to 4 rods and for single, 2)
  • Fishing Rigs/Sinkers and bait
  • Packed Lunch (Light snacks, sandwiches, salads are recommended)
  • Water (minimally 1.5-3L per person - depending on body weight)
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50 and above)
  • Drybag/Bag to keep your belongings
  • Change of clothes (Optional)
  • Icebox (Optional) 
  • For people prone to seasickness do take a pill of novomin minimally 30mins before the tour starts. Novomin may be purchased at any local pharmacy. (Optional)

4. Kayaks are vehicles too! Please treat them with care - just like you would to your own vehicle! 

  • Fish too near to kelongs -> These are properties of others and under the regulation of SFA (Singapore Food Association) and you are not allowed to board the kelongs without permission. Also, the mussels and barnacles near the kelong ropes can damage/scratch the kayak's outer structure. 
  • Leave your bait and food in the hatch of the kayak
  • Leave any rubbish in the kayak -> kindly throw in a plastic bag and into a proper rubbish bin after you reach shore. 
  • Throw rubbish into the sea (Save our oceans!) 

Leave the rest of the items to us: We will provide not only the kayaks, but the live vests, landing nets, fish stringers and keepnet/live-well for live bait. 

    *Please try to take good care of all the equipment you are handling, be it the kayaks, the mirage drive feet operated system, kayak rudder, nets - we will try our best to cover some of the costs for small and minor items but there may be a replacement fee levied if any of the major items/parts are damaged beyond repair. 

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